Wrap Pin – Thistle


Thistle  – Inspired by the native Scottish thistle and known as The Emblem of Scotland, this beautiful thistle grows prolifically  throughout the Scottish landscape. Three embossed thistles highlighted with multi colours.

Hand made and hand painted making it an original piece of art.  A stunning accessory to complement a wrap, scarf or coat, it can also be used as a kilt pin.

Approximate size 3 inch (7.5cm) diameter and secured on the back with sturdy 2 inch (5cm) pin with a barrel catch.

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The image shown is a close representation of the item you order but cannot be guaranteed an exact replica.  Colours may vary due to each piece being individually handmade and hand painted. Presented in a Skaramanda gift bag. Recommended for heavy fabrics. Hand Made in Scotland.

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Wrap Pin Colours

Antique/Golds, Autumn Pinks, Autumn Reds, Black / Grey / Silver, blue / ochre, Blue/Gold, Blues, Chocolate Bronze, Cobalt, Dark Greens, Deep Pinks, Deep Red and Green, Emerald Green, Gamboge, Gold/Bronze, Greens, Indigo, Jade Greens, Light Greens, Midnight Moon, Moss Green, Pale Greens, Pale Greens/Pinks, Pewter/Dark Greys, Pinks, Purples, Reds, Rust/Bronze, Seascape/Blues, Silver/Golds, Silver/Greys, Turquoise, Willow, Willow Green, Wine, Yellow/Pink